Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm Timber Treatment Excellence: 30-Year Guarantee with Sovereign Approval.

We take pride in being a Sovereign-approved contractor, ensuring that our treatments adhere to the highest standards and peace of mind with 30-year insurance-backed warranties. Our commitment to the environment ensures our treatments are solvent-free and approved for use in bat roosts.

The initial indication of a woodworm infestation is the emergence of tidy, round holes measuring 2mm across in wooden surfaces, often accompanied by small piles of wood dust beneath them. Fresh holes reveal the recent activity of emerging adult beetles. Meanwhile, immature grubs may continue tunnelling inside the wood.

The adult Furniture Beetle, a small brown insect measuring 3mm to 6mm, is responsible for creating these holes. Capable of flying readily, it lays eggs on rough, unpolished wood. The resulting grubs bore directly into the wood, leaving no visible trace until they emerge as beetles approximately three years later, typically between May and September.

Woodworm commonly infiltrates homes through second-hand furniture, tea chests, or wickerwork. However, these resilient beetles can also make their entrance by flying in through windows from nearby dead branches of trees. Once inside, they may target various wooden structures, including floorboards, joinery, and, more critically, structural timbers such as rafters and joists.

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Eradicate woodworm infestations

As a Sovereign-approved contractor, we employ thorough methods to eradicate woodworm infestations, ensuring the longevity of the treatment.

Sovereign Approval

As a Sovereign-approved contractor, we bring a level of expertise and commitment that reflects industry excellence. Our treatments align with the stringent requirements set by the Sovereign-approved contractor scheme.

Comprehensive Woodworm Treatment:

Our approach to woodworm treatment involves tackling the problem at its source through the direct application of insecticides that are free from solvents. The insecticides are highly effective on all stages of the woodworm lifecycle; eggs, larvae, and emergent beetles.

Our meticulous attention to completely eradicates woodworm infestations, guaranteeing the durability of our treatment. It's noteworthy that all our treatments have received approval for application in bat roosts in collaboration with Natural England.

Sovereign approved contractor

Active bat roosts should only be treated during the spring or autumn seasons. Your property will be treated with the utmost care, and flooring and building protection will be installed where applicable.

We kindly request that areas designated for treatment be cleared of storage items. Our survey will assess whether any roof insulation needs replacement and whether any necessary building works, such as floorboard lifting required. This will be thoroughly discussed with you during this process. While our specialised application equipment is designed to access even the tightest spaces, visibility is crucial, so we appreciate unobstructed access to ensure complete treatment.

As part of our service, we complete the removal of all dust and light debris accumulations from woodwork before initiating treatment. Additionally, where applicable, we offer the installation of new insulation to reinstate the properties' thermal integrity. This comprehensive approach reflects the investment you have made in protecting and enhancing your building assets.

Given the use of solvent-free treatments, you (and other building contractors) are welcome to remain in the property during the treatment process. Rest assured, our team will be in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as a standard safety measure. Your safety and the well-being of our staff are paramount, and we prioritise adherence to health and safety protocols throughout the entire treatment procedure.

30-Year Guarantee

We stand behind the effectiveness of our woodworm treatments with confidence. A 30-year insurance-backed guarantee reflects our commitment to delivering lasting solutions. Sovereign products provide enduring protection for your wooden structures. When woodworm appears to be active please contact us to discuss how we may help, our insurance-backed guarantee and typical next steps. We will normally ask you to send us some pictures to confirm the presence of woodworm before completing a survey at your premises.

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